Mititei, romanian grilled meat rolls

Lamb burgers, koftas, and kabobs, mingling with the smokiness of the grill, are a summer barbeque’s best kept secret.

Our pasture-raised lamb, sourced from small Michigan farms, not only consistency wins over those who think they don’t like lamb, but it is commended by California’s Artisan Lamb Institute and its team of meat sommeliers. Here’s why.



After millennia, farmers have distinguished certain breeds as producing exceptional lamb meat. Breeds like Oxford, Southdown, and Cheviot have become synonymous with the best in lamb flavor and quality. These are the breeds we seek out. Like grape varietals, breeds of lamb each have flavor characteristics uniquely their own, flavors nuanced and accentuated by the pasture…


As members of The Livestock Conservancy, we specialize in lamb raised according to time-honored farming methods. That means we source humanely raised lamb from small flocks that graze on pasture. They are completely free of growth hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Pasture-raised lamb–like wines–have terroir, a term that describes the wonderful ways that geography translates into flavor.


Think of the benefits aging has on a fine wine and you’ll appreciate the effect that dry-aging has on lamb to concentrate its flavor and tenderize its texture. The country’s premier butcher shops dry-age–as opposed to wet-age–their meats, and so do we. Our lamb is dry-aged for up to seven days or more!


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[hana_testimonial name=”Carrie Oliver” img=” Oliver.jpg” occup=”President” org=”The Artisan Lamb Institute” link=””]This lovely lamb carries the scent of the lea, sweet grasses with hay bales on the side. It has a surprising texture with a nice, firm start followed by a tender second chew. Gentle to medium lamb flavor, with a balance of sweet, savory, tangy notes and hints of iron, this lamb will benefit if you let the outside caramelize during cooking.[/hana_testimonial]


Duba & Co. Lobel’s Heritage Foods USA
Chops $32/pound $34 – $51/pound $30/pound
Ground $17.99/pound $16.49/pound $18.33/pound
Leg (Bone-in) $9.09/pound $16.25/pound $18.15/pound
Leg (Boneless) $13.33/pound $20/pound N/A
Rack $33.33/pound $53/pound $42/pound
Stewing Meats $19.99/pound $16.98/pound N/A