Delicious. The standard by which all future hamburgers will be judged! (Scott, Grand Rapids MI)


Odds are, you won’t remember the winner of this Super Bowl by the time next rolls around. But you, your friends, and family will be talking about these pasture-raised, dry-aged burgers for years. Our burgers, in fact, are so good you’ll sideline the condiments. Seriously.

It’s beef that comes from amongst the world’s best cattle breeds. Not Angus or Hereford. Not Kolbe or Waygu. But Highland, Dexter, and Shorthorn.

These breeds are the underdogs, overlooked by the commercial beef industry because they mature slowly. And because they mature slowly, flavors which only time can develop are able to penetrate the beef. These flavors are enhanced and concentrated during an extensive 21-day dry-aging process.

Time and dry-aging leads to beef quality that frankly tackles the competition. We’d like to send you six pounds of our best burger for your Super Bowl party or tailgate. Consider it our “first string”. Called a Flight of Beef, it represents up to three of the world’s finest beef breeds (Highland, Shorthorn, and Dexter). With shipping built into the cost, you’ll be paying under $5 for each third pound burger.  If you’re disappointed in the slightest, drop us a line and we’ll refund your money (less shipping).