100% Money-Back Guarantee

Since each farm in this grass-fed farmers’ market is screened for restaurant-quality flavor, you’ll absolutely love your meat!

If you don’t, just e-mail deckhand@dubaandcompany.com or call 616.202.6426…

We’ll buy back all your unused beef at the price you paid for it!

So there’s absolutely NO risk when you buy from the farms here!



All butchering is performed by local, USDA-inspected butchers. If you purchase a quarter beef, half hog, or whole lamb, we’ll gladly take your cutting order and place it with the butcher for you as a curtesy. Our customers appreciate this higher level of service…

Nevertheless, we are not responsible for any inconsistencies or deviations from the cutting order that we submit to the butcher on your behalf. If you would like us to work with a butcher of your choosing, we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. Just let us know!


We would be thrilled to earn your repeat business! Please email or call us with comments, suggestions, or complaints. If you’re thrilled with your purchase, we’d love to hear from you, too!

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