There was a time not long ago when we thought all Compassthere was to beer was the American lager. And then the craft brew movement introduced us to a “color palate” of flavors represented by the numerous styles of ales from which to choose. A similar phenomenon we’ve seen taking place with heirloom vegetables (and fruits!). A time has now come to make a similar discovery in heritage meats. If you have learned to enjoy craft brews or heirloom vegetables, you will love these meats which impart more flavor (and a variety of flavors) which, like wine, are distinctive of the unique terroir from which they come. Terroir: where how animals are raised, what animals eat, and the soil from which the vegetation comes all translate into the flavor of these unique meats.

Coming from rare breeds of animals with which our distant forebears were well-acquainted but which were overlooked when our nation moved from the pastures of small farms to the feedlots of factory agriculture, heritage meats represent a living connection with a time-gone-by, a way of life best embodied by “The Shire”. It’s a way of life that honors the wisdom of tradition. It’s a life lived in close proximity to the earth, relishing and conforming to its rhythms, laws, and seasons.

What, then, creates distinctive flavor in our food and drink? We’re convinced it’s both the raising and producing our food in such a way that affirms life and it’s the craft of the artisan who raises and produces. We, at Duba & Company, decided to build a company around the mystique and ethos of heritage meats, convinced that food so produced naturally imparts it with nutrient-density, more flavor (and with a more interesting array of flavors) as well as being food that is more invigorating to a person’s body and soul. Food (and drink) produced in this manner somehow imparts to it (and, by extension, us) a greater substance and quality. May it be said that Duba & Company offers meats of such unsurpassed quality and flavor and that we enrich the lives of all with whom we come in contact.

Our North Star

It’s an invitation, really, to the something mythic that is captured by heritage meats, meats which represent—like heirloom vegetables or craft beers before them—the recovery of a lost way of life. It’s a way of life that conforms one’s existence to the laws and rhythms of the natural world. It’s a way of life that relishes the simple things that add to our substance: things like good food, good drink, cooking a meal, a walk in the woodlands, and lively conversation (what the Irish call craic). It’s a way of life that reveres the craft of the artisan. It’s about a life that strikes the right balance between work and leisure. And what we’ve discovered is this: just how good food (and drink) can be when raised and produced according to this ethos—how enjoyable, how very flavorful and invigorating. What, then, is our mission, our “North Star”? To convey the mystique and ethos of heritage meats, meats which embody all that’s noble and good about the Old World, the West, and the Shire.

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