In an event that followed on the heels of the 2013 Michigan Winter Beer Festival, my friend Dan Mattson and I hosted a Michigan Beer Dinner last Sunday. The big idea: getting a bunch of good people together on a winter evening to beat back what many consider to be the most difficult weeks of cold and snow, and to do so with food and drink. The theme: pairing dishes with Michigan beers in an attempt to enhance the enjoyment of both (many of the dishes, in fact, contain beer as a key ingredient). For those dear friends who missed the event (and whom we so wanted to invite), take heart! We will do this again. In fact last night the ideas were starting to come for our next event (Dan: I can’t wait to share them with you), keeping me up way later than was good for me, considering my day started with a 5:00 a.m. wake-up call. My favorite food magazine Flavor 616 joined us for the event, so you’ll get another angle of the affair in an upcoming issue of that publication. Offered here today is a photo journal of the 2013 Michigan Beer Dinner. Enjoy!

Perhaps the best that could be said of the evening came from one of the guests who wrote, “The dinner was unforgettable. What a lovely night of hobbit-style decadent feasting and merrymaking.” Well put.

This post is dedicated to the night’s “unsung heroes”: Mike and Mechele Duba, whose behind the scenes support made the evening flow flawlessly. Love to you!


And special thanks to Jonathan Timothy Stoner of Jonathan Stoner Photography for capturing the evening’s story on film

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  1. Mechele Duba
    Mechele Duba says:

    Nicely done once again! And Jeff, thank you for the great compliment of dedicating this to Dad & I. I am very humbled. We loved helping out!


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