Scrumptious Roast Heritage Turkey


Are heritage turkeys worth their price tag?

Bon Appetite Magazine chimes in:

There’s been a lot of noise in the past few years about the superiority of ‘heritage’ breeds (mainly Naragansset and Bourbon Red) over the standard supermarket variety (the ubiquitous Broadbreasted White), and at this point people are wondering whether it’s worth the extra trouble and expense (often twice as much per pound) for the boutique birds. Yes. Yes, it is. Absolutely, yes. (28 November 2008)

The Most Delicious Turkey of Your Life…or YOUR MONEY BACK

IF this is your first time trying a heritage turkey, you can do so completely risk-free:

Just follow the simple cooking guidelines provided with your turkey…

You’ll say, “This is–hands down–the best turkey I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.”

If you disagree, your purchase will be cheerfully refunded in full.



Matt & Kristal Burdick raise turkeys on pasture on the banks of the St. Joseph River in Burlington, MI (they snapped the below photo, in fact, on their small family farm this summer!). The Burdicks grow only the heritage breeds that are renowned for their quality and flavor, breeds like: the Narragansett, Bourbon Red, Standard Bronze, White Holland, Black, and Slate.

Idle river heritage turkey

Do you want a turkey that is:

NUTRIENT-DENSE? These are pasture-raised and GMO-free

ETHICALLY RAISED? These are produced by mating naturally–NOT through artificial insemination

SUPERIORLY FLAVORFUL and JUICY? Because these birds enjoy a life twice as long as conventional turkeys, their flavors are allowed to develop naturally.



Honored with the Slow Food West Michigan Snail of Approval, we are America’s first heritage farmers’ meat market east of the Hudson River. This award is given to distributors and retailers in recognition for the quality, authenticity, and sustainability of the food supply in the West Michigan region.

The Duba family

In addition, our farmers’ meats have been featured on the menus of West Michigan’s finest restaurants, including: Brewery Vivant (Best European Restaurant 2015, Grand Rapids Magazine), The Reserve (Best New American Restaurant 2015, Grand Rapids Magazine), Osteria Rossa (Best New Restaurant 2015, Grand Rapids Magazine), Grove (Restaurant of the Year 2015, Grand Rapids Magazine), and others…

From the Duba’s Restaurant Family–which for 60 years has stood for quality, integrity, and hospitality–comes a company that continues that tradition by delivering the finest in heritage meats. For years we have worked to develop relationships with farms that meet the highest levels of quality and sustainability.