With the release yesterday of our Shorthorn beef line, you’re invited to take you take a virtual farm tour of Tillers International, a truly unique mission-driven organization. Not only do they raise Duba & Co.’s heritage Shorthorn beef, they preserve and pass on traditional knowledge and techniques that inspire rural innovation. Their work makes it possible for rural communities at home and abroad to utilize low-impact technologies, enabling these communities to become self-sustaining agrarian economies. Enjoy this short introduction to the work of Tillers International…

To support the mission of Tillers and to help preserve the Shorthorn breed, whose conservation status is listed as “critical” by The Livestock Conservancy, consider an investment in a quarter or eighth of this rare beef breed. With only  a few quarters and eighths left and at an all-inclusive price of $6.65 – $6.70/pound, you’ll get for everything from ground, soup bones, and offal; to roasts, ribeyes, and New York Strips. It’s an unbeatable price for an autumn or winter’s worth of beef full of rich, deep, and earthy flavor. Plus, we’re throwing in free delivery for those in Grand Rapids, MI.

Contact deckhand@dubaandcompany.com for availability, more information, or purchase.

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