It’s official. Yesterday we announced our next heritage meat tasting event to be held at Cherry Hill Market, the quaint marketplace in the Cherry Hill historic district of Grand Rapids. Featured at the March 12th tasting will be three beeves, offered in the form of heritage burger sliders: Highland beef, Shorthorn beef, and Dexter beef (the modifier refers to the cattle breed). As two of the menu items of the three offered have never been tried by our customers, we’re curious what the response will be. In a premonition of the event, the nursery tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears came to mind.

In the version of the tale with which we’re most familiar, Goldilocks enters the lived-in–but presently empty–forest home of three bears (a momma, pappa, and baby bear). She finds in the cottage three chairs in which to sit (one massive, one tiny, and one perfect); samples three bowls of porridge (one too hot, one too cold, and one just right); and lies in three beds (one huge, a second far too small, and a third that suits her). The tale climaxes when the trio of bears return to find the girl slumbering in the mid-size bed.

As I muse about the tasting, I fancy those who try the three beeves will find one to be very mild in its flavor; one rich, earthy, and exotic; and one to strike a balance between the two. If you, reader, will be attending the event, you’re invited to play the part of Goldilocks: we’d love to hear what you think. And, if after trying all three heritage sliders you find yourself growing drowsy with food lethargy, a bench has been placed inside the front of the marketplace on which you may dose.

For all the event details (or to RSVP), please visit the Facebook event page by clicking here.

Author’s Note: Shorthorn beef, one of the world’s rarest and most-endangered breeds, was the subject of last week’s blog post, “(Re)Introducing the Shorthorn”.


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