Sink Your Teeth into Mouth-Watering 100% GRASS-FED BEEF for LESS THAN the Cost 

of Regular Burger!?

Dear Neighbor,

Believe it or not, you can actually pay LESS for great-tasting, Michigan-raised, grass-fed beef (as low as $5.99/pound)
…Than you’d pay for a pound of lean, generic, conventional ground beef that comes from thousands of miles away.
And if you act by Tuesday, July 7, you could get a full 1 1/2, 3, or 6 month supply of healthy, delicious, GRASS-FED GROUND BEEF–*with FREE delivery on qualifying orders.
This nutrient-dense, immune-boosting beef comes from Michigan farms vetted for sustainability and flavor.
* So you CAN afford the best…
* Support small, independent, Michigan farms
* AND save money doing so!
Plus, you’ll also enjoy safe and convenient delivery to your home.
To take advantage of all this quality, value, and service STOP what you’re doing right now and read this very short message…

Never Pay More than You Need to for Grass-fed Beef!

Hi, I’m Jeff Duba.

10 years ago I founded Michigan’s only grass-fed meat market.
It’s been awarded the Slow Food “Snail of Approval”. That’s the national gold standard for sustainably-raised food.
That means you’ll always get healthy, clean, nutrient-dense, pasture-raised meat WITHOUT hormones and supplemental antibiotics.
But we go way beyond sustainability to bring you beef that tastes great, too!
That’s because each farm is also vetted for flavor, something I insist on…
I grew up in a family known in West Michigan for over 60 years for its fine dining steakhouse (Duba’s Restaurant), so great taste matters!
We deliver bi-weekly in the Grand Rapids area, but our friends in Lansing and Detroit asked us to make a one-time trip, and we said “YES!”

We like to say that when you buy from the farms here…

 It’s like having grass-fed beef hero and Food Inc. star Joel Salatin AND a James Beard Award-winning Chef do your shopping for you

…And then having Uber Eats deliver your groceries


“I ate 4 burgers for lunch. It was stellar!”

-Susan K.

“We are not happy…..we are ECSTATIC and telling everyone…So pleased with our decision and you can count on us as repeat customers…”

-Christine L.

“Delicious. The standard by which all future hamburgers will be judged!”

-Scott B.

“CAN I JUST SAY I’VE HAD THIS BEEF AND IT IS FREAKIN THE BEST BURGER IVE EVER HAD. Ever. And this is coming from a person who eats 99% vegetarian. I’ll eat this meat b/c the animal is treated lovingly, lives a good life feeding on grass, and gets to roam about.”

-Anna S.

…Except that you NEVER pay a premium…

…And everything is ALWAYS at farm-direct pricing.
In fact, I bet with the farms here you’ll NEVER pay more than what farms with similar standards charge. (And you’ll probably even pay quite a bit less!)
To take advantage of all this quality and low-cost home delivery, normally you’d have to place a minimum order for a beef quarter (they start at around $799)…
But not today!



It’s an unbelievable sale on the best grass-fed beef money can buy…

When you order today, you’ll get grass-fed beef for just $5.99 – $6.49/pound when you get a 50 or 100 pound grass-fed “burger bundle”. A 25# bundle was just added–only $6.99/pound!
To lock in the savings, it’s “bundled” in orders of 25, 50, and 100 pounds.
All the beef comes frozen in convenient, 1-pound packages. So it’s easy to share with friends, family, and neighbors!
Also, it’s LEAN…
It has an estimated lean-to-fat ratio of 95/5 to 90/10
So it patties into burgers well while still yielding juicy meat. The best of both worlds!
Each one-pound package is vacuumed-sealed, so it can be stored for months on end in the freezer. And, the one-pound packaging makes it a snap to thaw in a hurry!
This 100% grass-fed, GMO-Free ground beef is home-grown at either Belhaven Highlands in Mendon, MI, by farmer Lyle Schmidt; or LEA-White Farms in Charlotte, MI, by farmers Larry E. Albers and Pat White.

Joel Salatin and Jeff Duba (Grand Rapids, MI)

Here’s How It Works

STEP 1: How Much Beef Do You Want?

If you’re like most families…

  • The 25# Burger Bundle will feed a family of 4 for 1 1/2 months OR MORE…
  • The 50# Burger Bundle will feed a family of 4 for 3 months OR MORE…
  • And 100# Burger Bundle will feed a family of 4 for an entire 6 months OR MORE!

STEP 2: Confirm Delivery Time

We’ll contact you by email or phone by Wednesday, July 8, to confirm delivery time for Thursday, July 9, 2020.

STEP 3: Your Beef Arrives at Your House

Your burger bundle is rushed from our freezers via a refrigerated truck to your house in a cardboard box (or boxes). We’ll leave your order on your doorstep at the confirmed time.

If you leave a cooler at your door, we’ll even load it for you!
Delivery is 100% contact-free…

When you order today, you’ll do so with complete confidence with the…


Since each farm is screened for restaurant-quality flavor, you’ll absolutely love your beef!

If you don’t, just e-mail or call 719.445.9870

We’ll buy back all your unused beef at the price you paid for it!

No one else—that I’m aware of—offers that kind of guarantee.

So there’s absolutely NO risk when you buy from the farms here!

“I can‘t lie–we got the condiments out of the fridge and had them on the counter standing by. When the meat was done cooking we cut a little piece off and tasted it plain to test the flavor. The condiments immediately went back into the fridge. I never had a burger with just the meat and the bun…never…it was, no joke, the best hamburger meat we’ve ever had. I still can’t believe it was as good as it was…The stuff tasted like candy.”

-Andy D.

Order Your Grass-fed Burger Bundle Today!


If you’d like to enjoy up to six months of great-tasting, 100% grass-fed beef from small, Michigan farms that tastes great, too, let me know right away!

Our grass-fed market is based in West Michigan, where we deliver to the Grand Rapids area. But a friend of ours who lives in Detroit said, “Jeff, if I can get our friends to buy 1,000 pounds of ground beef, will you make a special trip out to the Detroit area?” I said, “Yes.”

As it turns out, we will still have a little extra ground beef–about 500 pounds. That’s only ten (10) 50# burger bundles. Once they’re sold out, that’s it!

I’ll make your life simple by offering just three options. All you have to do is pick one of the following options…

Option #1, Best Value: The 100# Grass-fed Burger Bundle

Instantly save $100 OFF the 25# price of $6.99/pound. Just $5.99/pound! + FREE home delivery

Option #2, Excellent Value: The 50# Grass-fed Burger Bundle

Instantly save $25 OFF the 25# price of $6.99. Just $6.49/pound! + $25 for home delivery

Option #3, Great Value: The 25# Grass-fed Burger Bundle

Just $6.99/pound!  + $25 for home delivery

You’re Just One Click Away from up to 6 Months of Great-Tasting Grass-fed Beef!

Once again, you won’t have to step a foot outside your door to get one of these grass-fed burger bundles. It comes directly to you with 100% contact-free, home delivery.

This is the most convenient way to shop. Not to mention, it’s the most affordable way to enjoy 100% grass-fed, GMO-free beef!
Get your grass-fed burger bundle now…
You have until Tuesday, July 7, to place your order. So act right away!
Yours for Delicious, Grass-fed Beef Delivered to Your Door,

Jeff Duba

Duba & Co., Founder
“Michigan’s Grass-fed Meat Market”

P.S. If you’re still here, you’re probably on the fence. And in that case, there’s only one thing I can suggest: give it a go.

You’ve got nothing to lose! If you don’t love your grass-fed ground beef…all you have to do is send one e-mail or place one phone call: we’ll back the unused portion of your order!
​But if you don’t try, you’ll never know. Hit the button above now to get grass-fed ground beef delivered to your doorstep!
P.P.S. Here’s a sneak peak at just a few of the farmers and farms you’ll find here…

LEA-White Farms

Charlotte, MI

After 30 years raising Highland cattle you’d expect Larry Albers and Pat White to have picked up a few tricks along the way–and, boy, have they!

You’ve heard the legends of Kolbe beef, haven’t you? Of Japanese samurais massaging their cattle, giving them beer to drink all in the pursuit of beef quality?

Well, Larry and Pat personally bundle hay–then ferment it–as cattle feed. So when their cattle aren’t grazing during the growing season, they’re enjoying “fermented grass”… All. Winter. Long.

It’s one of their secrets to delicious, 100% grass-fed beef. No wonder LEA-White Farms is considered amongst the NATION’S BEST Highland breeders.

LEA White Farms

Belhaven Highlands

Mendon, MI

When Lyle Schmidt returned to his late parents’ dairy farm circa 2013, he turned it into a 100% grass-fed, GMO-free Highland cattle farm and began selling to restaurants in the Ohio-area.

Highland cattle is the world’s oldest cattle breed. It dates back to the 1200s and comes from the highlands of Scotland. It grows VERY SLOWLY, often taking at least 20 – 24 months to bring to harvest. This slow-growth on pasture makes for exceptional flavor.


Is your ground beef REALLY 100% grass-fed?
Is the grass green?
Yes! This ground beef is grass-fed and grass-finished!
The only non-grass part of the cattle’s diet is that when a calf is born, it enjoys nutrient-dense milk from its mother…whose only diet is pasture grasses, hay (dried grasses), or haylage (which I describe as “fermented hay”).
In other words, this is as grass-fed as you can get!
What is the fat content of the grass-fed ground beef?
The fat content is estimated at 90/10 to 95/5.
What if I’m not home–or can’t come to the door–when the delivery is made?
All meat comes to you frozen, ready for your freezer…
During the cooler months, when air temperatures will keep your product cold, it’s no problem to leave your order on your doorstep for you to retrieve when you return home or can get to your door.
During the warmer months, if you leave a cooler (or coolers) on your doorstep, breezeway, etc., we’ll happily load it/them up for you!
If you are not home–or otherwise cannot answer your door–AND there is no cooler to place your order in…we will leave your order in insulated boxes at a cost to you of $10/box. 50# of ground beef fits in each box.
And these insulated boxes are 100% eco-friendly. If you don’t want to re-use it, the insulated foam is made from GMO-free corn (dissolve it in water and feed your plants!). The box itself is 100% recyclable. Back when we shipped orders via FedEx, we were the only company in the United States (that we’re aware of) shipping meat this way!
Also, for your convenience–and if you tell us to–we’ll give you a courtesy call or text between 5 and 30 min. prior to arrival at your home.
Do you accept EBT?
Yes! We take EBT. Just call 719.445.9780 to pay via EBT. We also accept all major credit cards: American Express, Discovery, Master Card, and Visa. We even accept PayPal payments!
Do you sell beef quarters?
Definitely! We sell beef by the quarter, half, or whole–fully butchered and delivered free in the Grand Rapids area (at cost everywhere else).
Click here to learn more.
We also sell half hogs and whole lambs.