Who doesn’t remember, with a hint of nostalgia, the story of Charlotte’s Web and Charlotte’s crusade to save the pig Wilbur from slaughter? When it comes to preserving the “Ark of Taste” and biodiversity, the exact opposite is–paradoxically–called for. This is the topic of the following four-minute segment from the July 23rd edition of The Salt on NPR. It features Kentucky farmer Travis Hood who raises heritage Red Wattle pork, a species discovered wandering the woodlands of eastern Texas. In 1999, the breed was down to no fewer than 50 hogs. But with this shift in thinking, Red Wattles–and other heritage breeds–have experienced a substantial recovery. Yet, the breed’s still not “out of the woods”–so to speak.

To read more about the breed and the Michigan farmers who raise them; or to try Red Wattle pork for yourself, visit our Idle River Farms product pages. For now, enjoy the program…

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