At a sleepover in middle school, Dan Aykroyd introduced me to Julia Child, who would have turned 100 today. Aykroyd, of course, wasn’t at the sleepover but was parodying her on The Best of Saturday Night Live. I’ll admit we were far more entertained by Eddie Murphy’s rendition of Buckwheat , but what stays with me from the skit is my horror when “Julia” gets her hand stuck in a high-powered blender, making mincemeat out of the appendage. Read more

By practice, by trail and error, by thinking about what works and what doesn’t, we come to wisdom. This applies to any endeavor. Over the years–through this process of reflection on the cooking process– I’ve come to understand that essential to preparing a great meal is the right frame of mind, first, and, second, having a solid method. This is what is offered in this post: something of the “Tao of Cooking” and a way of going about it. By adopting the right philosophy and by arming yourself with a good method the cooking process becomes more, well, edifying. As a result, you’ll magically get better results in the finished product. Read more