For over 60 years, the Duba-family brand has been synonymous in West Michigan with quality, value, and customer-service. Partnering with small farms that raise rare-breeds of livestock according to age-old farming practices, Duba & Co. are purveyors of heritage meats. These meats represent the last frontier in the craft food movement. If conventional meats can be compared to a domestic lager, compare heritage meats to something like microbrew ales, fine wines, or aged Scotches (yes, they’re that good!).
Raised by skilled farmers on pasture and in small herds, flocks, and folds, these meats are nutrient-dense, ethically-raised, and full of flavor (please stick around and read the customer testimonials at the bottom of–and throughout–this page). Rediscover in heritage meats the historic flavor our ancestors enjoyed, flavors lost since the time of the industrial revolution of our food system. We ensure all our products meet or exceed the requirements of The Livestock Conservancy:
  • free of growth hormones AND sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • pasture-raised beef and lamb
  • beef dry-aged up to 21 days
  • pork raised in free-range environments on GMO-free feed
  • lamb and pork dry-aged up to 5 – 7 days
This Christmas, The Flight of Beef or a one-month membership to Duba & Co.’s Meat of the Month Club is the consummate holiday gift for the carnivorous food lover in your life. All orders are shipped on dry-ice and arrive at the recipient’s doorstep. For guaranteed delivery by Christmas, place orders through Sunday, December 21.

THE FLIGHT OF BEEF (On Sale for $29.99 + Shipping)

You’ve heard of a Scotch or Beer Flight: a way to enjoy the unique flavors of Scotches from several distilleries or beers of varying styles from the same brewery.

In the Flight of Beef, you’ll taste first-hand the inherent differences in flavor from three different types of beef. Represented in the Flight are up to three different breeds (Highland beef, Shorthorn beef, and/or Dexter beef), selected from up to four different farms. With this, our best-selling product, compare and contrast the influence that beef breed, terroir, the age of a beef at harvest, and dry-aging make in the flavor of meat.

Each Flight of Beef is handsomely packaged and contains three selections of ground beef with the farm’s name, a description of its terroir, and both the age of the beef at harvest as well as any dry aging the beef undergoes.

Delicious. The standard by which all future hamburgers will be judged! (Scott, Grand Rapids MI)

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From bratwursts to breakfast sausage, lamb chops to leg of lamb, and short ribs to sirloin steaks, each month a culinary adventure hand-selected from our inventory of world-class heritage meats. Discover an American treasury of taste from those boutique farms raising livestock breeds including:

  • Red Wattle and Berkshire pork

  • Highland and Shorthorn beef

  • Cheviot and Tunis lamb

All are raised by expert farmers whose protocols meet or exceed those of The Livestock Conservancy (see above). Meat of the Month Club Memberships are offered at three levels and all prices include shipping.



7 – 8 pounds of assorted meats and representing a savings of up to 25% off retail pricing!

EXAMPLE (Actual Packages May Vary)

Ground Beef, 2 pounds

Lamb Shank, 1.25 pounds

Rump Roast, 2.25 pounds

2 Pork chops

4 Lamb chops, 2/3 pound


12 – 13 pounds of assorted meats and representing a savings of up to 27% off retail pricing!

EXAMPLE (Actual Packages May Vary)

Ground Beef, 4 pounds

Spare Ribs, 2.25 pounds

2 Sirloin Steaks, 2 pounds

2 Lamb Shanks, 2.5 pounds

Breakfast Sausage, 1 pound

8 Lamb Chops, 1.25 pounds


17 – 18 pounds of assorted meats and representing a savings of up to 33% off retail pricing!

EXAMPLE (Actual Packages May Vary)

Ground beef, 5 pounds

Beef Brisket, 2.5 pounds

Tenderloin steak, 8 oz.

4 Pork Chops, 2 pounds

Ham Roast, 4.25 pounds

2 Lamb Shanks, 2.5 pounds

8 Lamb Chops, 1.25 pounds

***Club Memberships are not re-occurring, and you will be contacted to renew after the first month.***


The brats were excellent, we were fighting over the leftovers!  You sure are selling a high quality product and I can’t wait to try more (Jenny, Belmont, MI)

Once again you guys are Amazing. I don’t even like lamb and it was amazing! the Pork was great! (Kristin, Grand Rapids MI)

I just have to tell you, the meat is EXCELLENT. We had some NY strip, and beef tacos. (Mandy, Grand Rapids, MI)

We are not happy…..we are ECSTATIC and telling everyone about how much we love Duba & Company. So pleased with our decision and you can count on us as repeat customers…(Christine, Grand Rapids, MI)


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